What Should You Do Right After a Car Accident?

What Should You Do Right After a Car Accident?

No one wants or likes to think about getting in a car accident.  It can cause harm to our cars, ourselves, and our wallets.  But, in most cases, the car accident is not the most taunting part, it is dealing with what comes after the accident; repairs, car rentals, your insurer, or even having to buy a new car!  Studies have shown that 35% of respondents had to deal with a “totaled” vehicle (this is when the repairs cost more than the cars value).

The average driver will be in 3 – 4 accidents in their lifetime.  In most cases we make the process of going through an accident a lot harder than it should be.  Below we will show you what you should do right after a car accident.

1.  Police – Call them!

If you’re in an accident that has caused harm to yourself or your car, call the police!  This is a necessity when a car accident has happened.  The police can restore order and help dissolve the situation if people’s anger get out of control.

The most important aspect of calling the police is getting documentation.  The police can document the who, what, and where of the accident.  Police reports also help with backing up your account of what happened in the accident and also help with the claims process through your insurance.

2.  Get medical attention

This is another reason to call 911 in the case of an accident – you can receive immediate medical attention.  When an accident happens, your adrenaline is rushing, and you may overlook some injuries that you have sustained.  Having trained medical staff onsite to check you out and document their findings I believe is one of the top items you should follow through with after being in an accident.

3.  Take photos and video

With today’s technology and smart phones, having the ability to take video and photos is right at our finger tips.  If you’re able to, be sure to take photos of all areas of the accident.  Close-ups of the cars, skid marks, the entire accident scene, license plates, etc.  Photos give an exact visual of every area of the accident.  Also, you can take video and narrate while your shooting the video.  This will give a detailed account of every area of the accident (a picture tells a thousand words, a video tells a million).

4.  Document everything

When we mean everything, we mean everything!  If your accident goes to court or when dealing with insurance companies, the more information you have the better.  Some of the things you can make sure and document are:

  • Contact info
  • Insurance companies
  • Policy numbers
  • Make and model of vehicles
  • Names and badge numbers of officers on scene
  • Contact information of eyewitnesses

5.  Make a claim

Make your claim as soon as possible.  Also, when making your claim, be sure to send them all the information that you have compiled during the accident – especially photos and videos.  Great car insurance companies should make this a seamless process accompanied by great customer service.

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