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5 Reasons Why You Should Review Your Homeowners Policy Before Summertime

5 Reasons Why You Should Review Your Homeowners Policy Before Summertime

With summertime right around the corner, many people and families are starting to imagine the glorious sun, the smell of Barbeque, while people floating around in their backyard pool!  They can see themselves walking around in flip flops and getting a tan on that pale skin that has been hidden by sweaters all winter.

This is also a great time to look over your home insurance policy.  There are many summertime activities that can pose a threat to your home.  Please make sure to look over your current policy and pay close attention to the 5 items we listed below before your summertime activities kick off.

1. Increase your personal property insurance

Over Christmas there are many new items, jewelry, and gadgets that are bought for family members.  You want to make sure that their value has been included in your personal property inventory.  Also, campers are a prevalent gift given at Christmas time.  You want to make sure this item is added to your policy before you start using it in the summer.

2. Cookouts (BBQ’s)

Cookouts are one of the biggest American traditions in the U.S.  There is always one family member who is known as the grill master and can “throw down” on a grill.  If you’re having cookouts at your house, you need to be properly protected.  Grills can cause significant fires to your house, and in some cases, burn them down completely.  Be sure that your grill is a safe distance from your house and look over your policy to see if you’re covered.

3. Pools

Pools are the main attraction of any summertime gathering.  If you had one in the neighborhood as a kid, you were the “big thing” during the summertime.  Pools are almost a necessity in the summer for using when you’re overheated and need to cool off.  Pools can also be known as a threat, due to people getting hurt and then being sued.  Adding a pool to homeowner’s insurance will raise your premium, but it will save you if you’re to get sued by a parent whose kid hurts themselves while using your pool.

4. Trampolines

Some of the funniest videos you see online are of people jumping and falling off trampolines – but they won’t be if that person is falling off your trampoline and you’re getting sued.  Trampolines are so dangerous that there are some companies that won’t allow you to purchase lability coverage for them.  If you do find a company to cover you, your premiums may have you screaming because there so high!  Think long and hard before you purchase a trampoline for your house.

5. Pets

Often families choose to get a new dog in the spring time.  The weather is starting to warm up in most parts of the country and summer is right around the corner.  This is an ideal time because dog owners won’t mind training their pet outside when the weather is fabulous.  Keep in mind you should also notify your homeowners insurance when getting a new dog.  Pet attacks can be covered under liability coverage.  Some companies do have a list of “restricted breeds” that cannot be placed under a policy.  Some of these restricted breeds are usually Pit Bulls and German Sheppard’s.  Be sure to double check with your provider.

When checking over your homeowner’s insurance policy, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions, or need a quote, when getting ready for your summertime fun.  Click Here

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