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6 Safety Tips from Industry Professional Riders

6 Safety Tips from Industry Professional Riders

One of the great things about riding a motorcycle is the freedom and excitement, it seems like you’re living life on the edge!  But, with that thrilling feeling, you also need to make sure you’re being cautious and safe. 

One of the first things you need to do as a 1st time rider is take a motorcycle safety course.  We believe that every person who rides a motorcycle should take this type of course at least once in their lives.  Although you can learn the basic safety tips from one of these courses, there is a massive amount of safety tips you can learn from a professional and experienced rider.  Below we have compiled 6 safety tips from the industry’s top professional and long-term experienced riders.  Hold on to your handle bars, you’re in for a ride!

1.       Only ride with people you trust

This first point sounds like an elementary statement, but many people ride with other riders who are unsafe.  Take for instance, have you ever ridden with another rider who was intoxicated?  Or someone who was showing off and driving between lanes?  There are many situations like these which push people to ride alone or only have a small group they trust to ride with.  No amount of safety tips can keep you from harm when riding with an unsafe rider.

2.       Make sure people can see you

One of the biggest mistakes that bikers make is wearing black and brown clothing.  With this colored clothing, it makes you hard to be seen by other riders and motorists on the road.  There are many different types of neon safety apparel that can be purchased from motorcycle companies.  If you choose to not purchase one of the pieces of neon safety apparel, be sure that you are wearing a color that helps you stand out and be seen by other people on the road.

3.       Don’t ride when you’re tired

Never ride a motorcycle when you’re tired or sleepy!  I mean NEVER!  If there is a situation where you are feeling sleepy, pull over at a rest stop or store, grab some coffee, and regroup.  Don’t test the limits of riding while you’re tired – it could be deadly!

4.       Leave a space between riders

When riding, always try and leave at least a 20-foot cushion between you and other motorcyclists.  This distance will create a safe amount of time for you to react if something should happen.  A few extra feet could be the difference between you being able to ride away from an accident or being in the back of an ambulance.

5.        Ride at your own pace

Be sure to always ride at a pace that is comfortable for you.  There may be more experienced riders with different types of motorcycles that may ride faster than you.  They also may have a more advanced skill-set and ride more freely.  Ride securely at a pace that is comfortable for you.

6.       Stay away from semi-trucks

Try not to ride next to semi-trucks as much as possible.  Semi-truck drivers have a gigantic blind spot due to the length of their trucks.  If you do come up next to a semi-truck, try to pass as quickly and safely as possible.  When you are passing, make sure you stay in the side view mirror of the driver, so they can see you passing.  These large trucks also tend to sway back and forth on the highway which is another concern for motorcyclists.

Now knowing the top safety tips for a rider, make sure that your motorcycle is insured.  Accidents can happen anywhere no matter how safe you are.  If you have any additional questions about motorcycle safety, or motorcycle insurance, please feel free to reach out to us – we would love to help!  Click Here