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4 Major Reasons for Motorcycle Insurance

4 Major Reasons for Motorcycle Insurance

            Did you know that motorcyclists today are more vulnerable to have an accident on the road than drivers of cars and trucks!  Motorcyclist also have a higher probability of getting injured or killed in an accident.

            The National Highway and Safety Authority has compiled information that shows motorcycle crashes cost the American economy over $16 billion dollars a year.  Most of this cost is put towards rehabilitation, emergency services, medical bills, and property damage. 

            Motorcyclist today can enjoy their time on the road but need to be aware they should protect their bike, other people on the road, and their life.  Motorcycle insurance is the only way to be sure you’re protected from financial losses in the event you’re in an accident.  Below are 4 major reasons you should obtain motorcycle insurance:

  • Collision Coverage:  In case you’re found responsible for causing an accident, a collision policy will cover the damages you made to your motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle Replacement:  In some cases, motorcycle accidents will result in the total loss of you bike.  The cost it takes to repair your bike may exceed the value of a replacement motorcycle.  If this does happen, total loss coverage will provide you with that cash value of a new bike or the replacement cost.
  • Medical Bills:  In today’s day and age, medical treatment can be through the roof, especially if you’re in an accident.  These bills can be significantly higher if you have additional treatment that is required after you leave the hospital.  Having motorcycle insurance gives you peace of mind that you can recuperate while not having to worry about astronomical medical bills.
  • Third Party Injury:  If you injure others in an accident, you will be held responsible to compensate them accordingly.  A qualified policy will put you in position to meet those costs.

Motorcycle Insurance Checklist

            Now that you have learned why you need motorcycle insurance, you will have to provide each company with a certain amount of information to get quotes.  Below we will list the 4 things you will definitely need when getting quotes for motorcycle insurance:

  • The details of your motorcycle
  • The deductible amounts you prefer
  • Your riding history, which will include – driving courses that were passed, tests, and dates
  • Personal details – annual mileage, home address, age, and occupation

            If you’re in need of motorcycle insurance, please feel free to reach out to Safe Harbor Insurance.  One of our agents would be glad to assist you or answer any questions you may have!